Documents & Forms

This is the page where we post links to frequently used documents and forms.

Secure Document Exchange Facts (PDF)

Emailing a meeting request (PDF)
Our procedure if you wish to request a meeting time by email

New Tax Law Overview (PDF)
A concise summary of the new tax law in language we all can comprehend

Fair Market Value guide – non-cash donations (PDF)
Prices for claiming donations of goods

Use-Tax-and-CA-540 (PDF)
Important information regarding CA Use Tax and your CA Tax Return

Tax News & Industry Updates 2017-03 (PDF)

Tax News & Industry Updates 2017-02 (PDF)

End of Tax Year 2017 Tax Tips (PDF)
Tips for 2017 year-end. Includes a lot of information on the new tax law, which will still be relevant.

Tax News & Industry Updates 2017-01 (PDF)

Tax News & Industry Updates 2017-04 (PDF)